CBD and Medical Marijuana

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about CBD and medical marijuana. And I am all for it. Whether you need CBD that is THC free to help with chronic pain or anxiety or you need medical marijuana to help with your symptoms of PTSD, to help you get through chemotherapy, or to help you with any mental health issues that you might have.

I have a lot of chronic pain but I am against taking pain medication. The risk of addiction is just too high. And I’ve seen firsthand what it can do to your kidneys and your liver and basically just your whole insides.

For me I have started taking CBD oil under my tongue. And so far it has helped with my pain, my anxiety, and I just feel a lot more calm. I prefer CBD over medical marijuana for myself because everyone reacts to marijuana differently. For me it makes me tired and not productive. It also makes me eat a lot. So my fear is that I would use medical marijuana and be about 350 pounds. So instead I use the CBD oil as it is THC free. Now it works for me may not work for others. I know people who use medical marijuana and it helps with all of their issues but it also makes them more productive.

I’m originally from California where medical marijuana has been used for quite some time and now marijuana is legal. However you do have to treat it just like you treat alcohol. If you purchased it it needs to be in your trunk, you can’t go driving around while smoking a blunt. Now here in Arkansas, medical marijuana has just been approved. However, the conditions it’s approved for means that you are practically dying. And a lot of the conditions done include mental health which I think they should.

People still treat marijuana as if it’s heroin. I believe it’s classified the same as meth and cocaine, which blows my mind. Have you ever heard of someone dying from an overdose of marijuana? But people die from alcohol every day.

There is scientific proof out there that marijuana and different properties of the marijuana plants can help fight cancer, help stop the tremors of Parkinson’s disease, help with the side effects of chemotherapy and more. Yet it still looked at as this terrible drug. I

Do your research people. You’ll be surprised at all the good that actually comes from that plant.

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