Edmund Kemper

Everyone has been learning more about Serial Killer Edmund Kemper because of the show MindHunters. He was a serial killer in Santa Cruz, California in the 60’s and 70’s. He was known as the CoEd Killer.

When he was younger he killed his grandparents. He was in Juvenile Hall but was somehow able to convince people he was changed and ok. So he was released. He then started killing female students at UCSC. He would then throw their bodies over cliffs off Highway 17. He also killed his mom and her best friend in his and his moms home. He then buried them in the garden. He also did disgusting things with their bodies because he was a necrophiliac. So gross.

Steve and I lived in Santa Cruz for quiet a few years. We watched a special on Edmund one night and they showed his home. The one where he killed his mom, her best friend, and some others and buried them in the garden.

And we were shocked to say the least. We lived down the street from this place. So we hopped in the car and drove by. And yup, there it was. New people living there.

I couldn’t believe we lived down the street to this home of terror. I wondered if the people living there knew what had happened.

If you don’t know about Edmund, look him up. He was diabolical. Very scary. He is serving 8 concurrent life sentences in a mental facility. He is helping the police profile serial killers and he also lends his voice to Audiobooks. Such as Flowers In the Attic. Bet you didn’t know that.

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