By now, I’m sure everyone has heard and discussed this train wreck that is being dubbed #Megxit. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided, without even informing the Queen or the rest of the Royal Family, that they are taking a step back from their duties.

This is their message posted on their site

The way this was handled was disgraceful. Especially to the Queen. To not inform any family members of your intentions to step back. However they still are wanting to live on daddy’s money and also the money of the tax payers. At least until they can get settled and become “financially self-sufficient.”

I think what happened is that Meghan doesn’t like playing second fiddle. She will always be second to Kate, who will one day be Queen along King William. Meghan wants to be the one in the spotlight. And now that she has the “celebrity” of marrying into the royal family, she can use that to try to become the movie star or celebrity she always dreamed of being.

She knew what she was getting into when she started dating Prince Harry. She had every opportunity to walk away. And she didn’t. So this is all on her.

Then there is the most recent topic of how Prince Harry skipped a Royal Marines memorial service for 11 Marines blown up by an IRA, so he could take his wife to the premier of The Lion King. And you see video of Prince Harry trying to promote Meghan to the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger for a voiceover job. It is absolutely cringeworthy. I feel sorry for Bob. First he acts like he things Prince Harry is joking. Then he just looks plain uncomfortable.

Here is that video:

I don’t see this ending well. I have a feeling in 5-10 years when they are divorcing, Prince Harry is going to have to do some groveling to the Queen.

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