Oh the Outrage from the left

The left is having a fit. They are in an uproar because of the video showing actor Vince Vaughn shaking hands and talking with President Trump.

It’s called manners people. It’s called being respectful. Now I’m reading post from people on the left about how they will never watch anything with Vince Vaughn in it again. That they have lost all respect for him.

First off, I’ve know for years that Vince Vaughn was not a leftie. As I’ve read, He voted for Rand Paul in 2016, a Libertarian. Vaughn said his views aligned with Rand Paul. In 2016 British GQ magazine, Vaughn said, “We have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.”

Second, people from the right know that Hollywood is full of leftie liberals and yet they still watch their movies. Just because they disagree with them doesn’t mean they are going to not watch them. But unfortunately it seems the left are triggered by everything now a days.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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