Democratic Socialism

I was trying to catch most of The Democratic Presidential Debate. Here are some details that stuck out to me.

Bernie Sanders is too far left in my opinion. He wants this to become a Socialist nation. He stated, “Democratic Socialism is what is going to win this election.” Bernie wants bigger government.

Joe Biden complained a lot about impeaching Donald Trump. I feel he lacks purpose and point.

Elizabeth Warren, I can tell thinks she is smarter than she really is. And she senses that the other candidates don’t think she is that smart. And she was still angry about what had happened between her and Bernie two years ago. For me, I can’t get past all her lies.

Amy Klobuchar seemed like she could be a good and solid candidate. She’s just not that popular. She doesn’t bring the drama the other candidates bring to the stage. And we all know, drama sells a candidate.

Tom Seyer, a billionaire. I don’t even understand why he was able to get on that stage. His cares are impeaching Trump and treating global warming.

Mike Bloomberg, also a billionaire, wasn’t there. He’s the 6th richest person in the US and the 14th richest person in the world. And that was probably a good thing that he wasn’t there. This stage lacked diversity and having multiple billionaires up there would look really bad, as the Democrats are the anti-billionaire party. How would it look having two billionaires up there. So there is that.

Now the best part of the whole debate was when Elizabeth Warren didn’t shake hands with Bernie Sanders and complained to him on a hot mic that he basically called her a liar in front of millions of people. This is because she said they had a conversation 2 years ago, where Bernie told her a woman could not be President. And Bernie basically said he never said that. Bernie told Warren this wasn’t the time or place to do this and walked away. Now it is my belief that Warren knew the mic was on and this conversation would get picked up. Because she knew that by calling him out, this could help her. Especially since a lot of female democrats are feminists, and she feels that would bring them over to her side. Did she work with CNN to do this? Possibly. As we all know CNN is the Clinton News Network. And Hilary Clinton would like to see a female President.

I did not feel watching this, that this gave any advantage to the Democratic’s over the Republicans. I actually feel this debate just gave Donald Trump a better chance of winning.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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