MN 5th Congressional District

Currently IIhan Omar is congresswoman for MN’s 5th Congressional District. But she’s about to have a run for her money with Dalia al-Aquidi. And I think Dalia will win.

Dalia is a refugee from Iraq. Her family came here to America to escape persecution by Saddam Hussein. She became a citizen of the United States and took an oath to defend the Constitution and defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic. The same oath our military member a take.

She has a real chance of replacing IIhan. Because IIhan has constantly shown her disdain for America. She defends our enemies. She is trying to tear America apart. Dalia is a muslim who came to the US in search of a better life. She is proud to be an American. She is proud of our nation and our way of life. And she will do everything she can to protect it.

IIhan does nothing to protect it. To show her love of America. During a press conference, speaking about dead soldiers, IIhan Omar is seen laughing. She was laughing about dead Americans soldiers. It’s disgusting. She needs to go. Now.

So if you are in Dalia’s district, make sure you get out and vote. Let’s flip that seat red.

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