MeToo…but not you.

It’s funny how someone like Alyssa Milano goes after men who have been accused of sexually assaulting women, yet when the person she is supporting for President get accused, you don’t hear anything from her.

Presidential candidate and possible democratic nominee Joe Biden is being accused of sexual assault by a woman named Tara Reade. She worked with Biden when he was the Delaware Senator. She accused him of inappropriate touching and penetration without her consent in 1993.

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This woman has come out and accused Biden and yet Alyssa Milano and the Democratic Party remain silent. Alyssa wants so bad for him to be able to beat President Trump, because she doesn’t feel that Bernie Sanders can do, that she is remaining silent. She wants President Trump beat so bad, that she doesn’t care what happened to Tara. Even after all the talk she did in regards to MeToo and giving women a voice against their abusers. Alyssa is a true hypocrite.

Let’s look back at some photos we have found of Joe Biden. No wonder he is referred as the creepy old man.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

This isn’t the first time Biden has been accused of inappropriate touching. But I find it interesting that after the MeToo movement, the Democratic Party turns a blind eye, just because he’s a presidential candidate.

What are your thoughts on this? Share your comments below.

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