Where in the world is Kim Jong Un?

Communist leader of North Korea seems to be missing from the spotlight he so loves. But where has he gone?

Photo Credit: Time

Earlier this month, Kim Jong Un underwent cardiovascular surgery. He had been ill do to as some have put it, Obesity, smoking, and stress. However he was not doing well after the surgery. A U.S. Official states that the White House was informed they Kim Jong Un took a turn for the worse after surgery.

North Korea’s state run news didn’t mention anything about Kim Jong Un being in critical condition. Let alone ill at all. But that’s communist state run news for you. Hiding the truth.

Speculation increased when Kim Jong Un was absent from one of North Korea’s biggest celebrations every year. The April 15th celebration of the birthday of his grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung. It is one of the biggest days for the Country.

News reports are coming out that Kim Jong Un is brain dead. But no one can confirm it. This tweet was tweeted out last night and then deleted. Deleted because it was false information or deleted because they were afraid of releasing the truth?

Photo credit: Twitter @KatyTurNBC

We are all awaiting news on this. Stay tuned….

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