Elon Musk

Tesla’s plant has been closed since March 23rd. Following the rules and guidelines of the government due to COVID-19.

Tesla was notified by the state of California that they could operate but apparently Alameda illegally overrode that decision. However other auto manufacturing plants have been able to open except Tesla. Looks like Alameda has something against them. So why is Tesla being singled out?

Elon Musk made the announcement that he is opening the Tesla plant. And he stated on his twitter account, “Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.”

People need to get back to work. We need to keep families fed and restart this economy now. My hope is that Elon will pull his factory and move it to another state. California has become a hell hole. Time for him to get out.

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