ANTIFA. What is it? Per the dictionary, it states: a political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology.

But really, it’s a group of idiots who are being paid to riot and destroy cities across the United States.

We started to learn more about ANTIFA during the Occupy Wall Street time years ago. And gradually they got worse and worse.

Now they have hijacked the protests for the death of George Floyd. They are rioting and destroying multiple city’s across the US. Burning businesses down. Beating people up. Even killing some. Their goal isn’t to fight for injustice. It’s to wreck havoc everywhere they go. And the worst part is, they are being paid to. Many say by George Soros.

Yesterday, President Trump states that the United States now classifies ANTIFA as a terrorist group. What that means is, that if anyone is caught in association with them, they will be charged as terrorist and the US Government can go after every last one of them. Similar to the RICO Act, which is what helped bring down multiple Mafia Families back in the day.

So we are all waiting to watch the take down of the tertiary group known as ANTIFA.

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