Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Initially they said don’t wear a mask. They don’t help. then they said, wear a mask. They help. And we will force it.

Don’t gather in groups. Close your business. No gathering in church. We will force this. If you open your business or gather in groups, you will be arrested. Now people are rioting, and they are saying, “that’s different. They are fighting against oppression so they can gather.”

What in the world is going on? People were arrested for opening their salons. People couldn’t attend funerals for their loved ones that died, whether from COVID-19 or something else. People got in trouble for trying to attend church. But these protestors and rioters are ok to gather. They are ok to pillage and loot stores.

Photo credit: NY Times

People are angry. And they are rising up. Governors and Mayors are allowing these riots. And “peaceful” protests. And the very people who told us we have to stay home and social distance, and told us we can’t have funerals for our loved ones, are the very same people attending this publicized funeral for George Floyd. They tell us we can’t open our businesses and can’t get haircuts or go to the gym. Those are the very same people who themselves went and got haircuts and went to the gym. So it’s not ok for us but it’s ok for them.

These people are hypocrites. They want to tell you what to do but it doesn’t apply for them. Because they think they are above us. That they are more important than us. We The People need to stand up to them. Not only in life but at the ballot box as well.

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