The two police officers involved in the in the shooting death of suspect Rayshard Brooks have been arrested. Charges of Murder for the Garrett Rolfe, the officer that shot Brooks.

After hearing the story and seeing the video, we believe this officer involved shooting was justified. Rayshard fought with the cops. Punching one in the face. He stole the officers taser and ran from the police. As he was running, he turned back to shoot the officer with the taser. Had he done that, he could have overtaken the officer, stole his weapon and killed him and others. What the officer did was absolutely correct.

Now on the heals of the George Floyd killing, people (the Democrats) are looking for any reason to cause problems. And now with the killing of a black man by a white police officer, this gives the Democrats something to whine about. So now these officers have been fired and are being charged with a crime. And worst off, Officer Rolfe is being charged with murder. The DA obviously overcharged Officer Rolfe for political reasons. Because everyone knows he’s up for re-election.

Now because of all this, police officers in Atlanta are walking out and resigning left and right. Police officers in all zones are walking off the job. Phone calls are not being answered. According to sources, agencies in surrounding counties have been called for backup, however they are refusing to responding.

Per a video I just watched from two weeks ago where the DA in Atlanta says, “a taser is considered a deadly weapon.” Therefore, all charges on these Officers need to be dropped.

Tell me you thoughts about this below. Do you agree with the charges?

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