Face Mask Required

The city of Fayetteville, Arkansas city council passed an ordinance making it mandatory for people inside the city limits to wear a mask. Especially when entering a business.

I’m curious how that is even legal. That violates people’s constitutional rights. It also sets a very dangerous precedents.

Photo Credit: @RealBrysonGray

If I have to wear a mask, this is what I will wear. See above.

However, now I’m reading that Governor Hutchinson has opposed this ordinance.

“I understand where their heart is,” the governor said of Mayor Lioneld Jordan and the Fayetteville City Council. “I would prefer that cities not take that step, simply because we want to make sure that we educate people, they exercise self-discipline, that they take their own responsibility and through that education and example of leaders follow the right healthcare protocols. That’s the preference. That’s the direction we’ve gone as a state, and I would discourage other cities from stepping out there.”

What are your thoughts on this? Should masks be mandatory? Do you think cities should make ordinances? Leave your comments below.

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