Trump Rally Point of View

My friend Amy, @rochette6, wrote about her experience at the Trump Rally. Here is her experience in her own words.

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m posting this picture to show our experience we had yesterday at President Trumps Tulsa rally since everyone is asking me.

Most people and the media say there wasn’t a lot of people there.

Here’s my story since we were there.

We got to Tulsa about 12:30 and walked around downtown. We got some Trump gear and watched the people. They were all walking and driving in the streets. Mostly supporters and few non supporters at that time. Peaceful and doing their thing.

A BLM protest started with full on signs and such. It started on the side of the street with chanting and then the opposite side started in.

The police (did amazing) stepped in, made sure everyone was separated enough and let it continue. It was just a bunch of yelling back and forth between both groups. The BLM group apparently had a permit because the streets were closed and they took their march to the streets. Still peaceful. Nothing outrageous.

We left that area and continued to walk around. Saw lots more supporters coming in. Everyone driving with their flags, wearing their shirts. Lots of reporters interviewing everyone.

Walked down another street and noticed a huge presence of cops in their tactical gear along with a few National Guard . They were taking position. We walked further down to see what was going on as this was one of the entrances into to the rally area.

As we got closer, we noticed the entrance gate was closed (was opened a few hours earlier) and there were some BLM agitators chanting and blocking the closed entrance . The cops were making everyone back up away from the gate. So we left the area before things got ugly.

We were pissed because now we had to find another entrance into the area. LOL (there were a few ways to get in ) But it was about a 3 block walk. But we finally got in!

Walked to the actual BOK center and decided to go in. Was about 4pm. Yes, we were going to sit for 3 hours. 🇺🇸

Crowds started to come in (lots of security BTW) and the atmosphere was amazing! Great speech and enthusiasm. And yes, the stadium was about 75% full. Great turnout considering everything!

After we left, we were going to go back downtown but decided against it when we saw about 6 vans pull up with cops in more tactical gear get out, and heard sirens going off. We thought better to just leave now.

Later we read that many of the entrances were being blocked from letting people come into the rally by agitators. Things must have gotten worse after we went inside.

This is a view from our seats

Photo Credit: @rochette6

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