Tulsa Trump Rally

The Tulsa Trump Rally brought in tons of views. Whether you were actually at the Rally or watching from the comfort of your home, like me. It was one for the books. And President Trump was excellent.

Saturday Morning in Tulsa, waiting on the Rally

A friend of mine, Amy @rochette6, headed to Tulsa with her husband to see if they could get inside the Rally. She updated me on what was happening down there. She stated when she got there, not many people were wearing masks. Even the BLM protestors.

Video Credit: @rochette6

Her and her husband even made it inside. She states there was a good sized crowd. And everyone was calm and happy. No fighting. Just everyone excited together. There were many speakers including my favorites @DiamondandSilk.

President Trump came out to the sound of cheers and clapping. And this was one of his best speeches. I’d say number 2 behind his State of the Union Address.

President Trump was funny. He’s endearing in his story telling. He looked great and sounded great. And he made us laugh.

Photo Credit: @rochette6

President Trump praises our veterans. And spoke of what he’s done to help the failing VA system. He has a 91% approval rating at the VA. This is huge. This is the highest approval rating of a President for quite some time. President Trump has strong support among Veterans.

President Trump has enacted fair trade deals that put America first. Very different than the Obama Era, that didn’t put America first.

President Trump believe in standing for our National Anthem and wishes we could make legislation that if you burn the American Flag, you go to jail for one year. President Trump loves our country. And he always puts our Country first. He stated, “We will not kneel to the National Anthem and American Flag. We will stand tall and proud.”

With all the riots and protests that have been happening lately, President Trump states, “We will have a big victory in Minnesota. People have had enough.” And he is right. People have had enough. And the silent majority will speak up just like they did back in 2016.

As President Trump stated, “I have done more for the black community in my 4 years in office than Joe Biden has done in his 47 years in office.” It was Joe Biden who helped write a crime bill back in 1994 that caused mass incarcerations of people of color. He even stated, “lock those SOB’s up.” And now, Joe Biden wants to backtrack.

President Trump knows what this country needs to get back on track following this Coronavirus pandemic. And he’s the only person to make our country prosperous again. In his own words, “It’s time to open up and get back to work. Ladies and Gentlemen of Oklahoma, The best is yet to come.”

And we all know, with Trump leading our country, the best, will be here!

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