Bubba Wallace

So by now everyone knows the story. Bubba Wallace’s team found what they thought was a noose in his garage at Talladega. The FBI were called in to investigate. Let me correct that, 15 FBI agents were sent over to investigate. 15. You read that right.

During this time, NASCAR, Bubba Wallace, and the MSM started to villainize White people and Trump supporters, saying that it had to be one of us that committed this hate crime against this half black Nascar driver.

From the start, I called BS on this story. This smelled very Jussie Smollett. How could someone get into the garages that are on camera as well as have security, to place a noose. They couldn’t have. I knew this was a fake story from the beginning and was being used to get Bubba Wallace attention before the race. And it worked. All of NASCAR pushed Bubba’s car out on the track together to show solidarity. And a big spectacle was made. However, Bubba ended up finishing in 14th place.

After the race, the FBI released a statement that they concluded their investigation and there was no hate crime against Bubba Wallace. What was found was a garage door pull down. Which is a rope with a loop on the end. How could anyone get that confused for a noose? Especially a bunch of guys that work in garages and have probably seen tons of them. See the picture below to see what one looks like.

All this was, was a ploy to create a divide and get Bubba Wallace some attention. And NASCAR and the left fell for it. The funny thing is, instead of apologizing for jumping to conclusions, Bubba is now going on talk shows saying that it was still a noose after all of this. He’s doing any and everything he can to stay relevant and in the spotlight.

Photo Credit: @DraftDiamonds

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