CHAZ formerly known as CHOP has been dismantled.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, issued a 48 hour executive order for protestors to leave the area. She states this is due to ongoing violence that has created a public safety issue.

“These acts of violence hurt our whole community and they are also in direct contrast to the message ringing from the streets that Black lives matter,” Durkan said during a briefing after the operation. She declared the gathering an unlawful assembly. Which required immediate action.

2 people have died and 3 others were injured since CHOP/CHAZ had started June 8th.

The clearing of what the Mayor once called CHOP/CHAZ, a utopia or a block party, was brought about due to Protestors coming to her house. She has walked back her thoughts, because Protestors, led by councilwoman Kshama Sawant, protested outside the her home. Which in turn, made Durkan fear for her life.

So hopefully now, her eyes have been opened. Let’s see if protestors try to start a new CHOP/CHAZ somewhere else.

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