Colin Kaepernick

Instead of wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day, this is what we got from former football player turned Al Sharpton, Jr, Colin Kaepernick.

He was born to a white mother and black father. His father walked out on them and his mother gave him up for adoption. And guess who raised him and loved him as there own? A WHITE FAMILY!

Kaepernick thinks he’s so oppressed. Yet he lived a life better than most people. Much better than myself.

He couldn’t cut it as a football player, because let’s be honest, he sucked. So he instead went on to be an “activist”. All he is, is a modern day Al Sharpton. Profiting on keeping black people down. He doesn’t want to fight for racial equality. He wants to keep the country divided because that’s how he makes money. When will people wake up to this.

I feel sorry for the family that raised him. He sure turned out to be a self-righteous jerk. And I know he was raised better than that. They must feel so embarrassed and ashamed.

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