Viacom Fires Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is in hot water after a recent interview on his podcast with Rapper Richard Griffin, better known as Professor Griff of the Hip Hop group Public Enemy.

Griffin left the group in 1989 after making anti-Semitic remarks. He had stated back in 1989 that, “Jews were wicked. That’s they were responsible for a majority of the wickedness that goes on around the globe.”

Griffin doubled down on those remarks during the podcast stating, “I’m hated because I spoke the truth.” To which Cannon states, “You’re speaking facts. There is no reason to be scared of anything when you’re speaking the truth.”

Cannon then went on to basically calling Jewish and White people “The true savages.” He stated, “white people are savage animals that can only do evil. And Jews run the world and are responsible for its ills.”

Nick Cannon then took to Twitter to try to explain himself after being called out for his racist remarks.

But it seems his half-assed apology got him no where and Viacom fired him. Good for them.

How can Nick have thought what he said was ok and not divisive and wrong? People who have platforms like he does, need to be called out more and do better.

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